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October 3, 2009

The Poor Presta…

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So, Friday night I was tweaking out in my room (continuing progress on the whole losing my mind thing I’ve been working on lately) when I finally tipped the scale and needed to get out of the house. It seems that lately, any time I get anxious I simultaneously crave going for a ride. As it seems healthier than drinking or working, I’ve been humouring this new coping mechanism.  I jumped on my bike and started to ride… And, as expected, I soon began to unwind.

Navigating between cars in my work’s parking lot (without hands of course),  I suddenly noticed that my front tire was a little low on air. So I whipped out my pump… and let me tell you, nothing finishes a long relaxing ride like a flat front tire and a presta with the valve tip snapped off. I called a fellow cyclist to come bail me out.

After digging around for awhile, we located the snapped off piece. Then, in shorter time than it took us to find it, we lost it again. All I could say was… Hail Eris! We laughed, pulled crazy shit in the parking lot and retreated home laughing.

The irony that while my blog is called the Shredded Schrader, I ended up shredding my presta… only hits me now.


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