The Shredded Schrader

December 23, 2009


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One morning I return to my company’s bike locker to discover that the front tire of my bike is flat. In a stroke of genius, I decide that I will detach the tire and bring it by the bike shop on my way home.


After three grueling weeks of pissing away my time and money riding the T,  I reunite my tire and bike. Excited to once again be on the road, I hurry back to work without caring that it’s 9 degrees outside.


Well, after about two minutes past the point of no return, I started caring. Apparently a lack of gloves, winter jacket, and anything else warm is a problem when this far below freezing. Next thing I know I’ve lost feeling in my hands.

Lesson: Riding without handlebars is especially useful if you do it with your hands in your pants.

A half of an hour later and I was warming myself over a bottle of rum with my coworkers in the lunchroom.

See you on the roads!

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