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March 27, 2010

Bike Path Cyclo-Cross

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I recently decided to start training for Cyclo-Cross. Not the “urban-cross” of the past (this was an invention of mine that combined parkour with cycling and, uh… trespassing), but actual sanctioned Cyclo-Cross. Five problems immediately come to light;

1. I don’t have a Cyclo-Cross bike
5. I have no place to practice

The solution to number 1 is to suck it up, up my ability to repair bikes, and just use Kallisti (my LeMond). Kallisti is already a bit dinged up from the fun I’ve put her through (okay maybe abuse is a better term. ), and the prospect of more interesting repairs excites me.

The solution to number 5? Get creative. While there is (to my knowledge) no all-season track close by for me to practice on and my Kallisti doesn’t care for mud, I am rather imaginative. At last we come to the title of this blog post; Cyclo-Cross on the bike path.

Here are the rules I’ve generated so far;

1. The patches of brickwork are areas where it is infeasible to cross while on my bike.
2. The hills have to be ridden to the top and then ridden down again.
3. Don’t endanger the other travelers.

Solidarity and fun!
Danimal… grarr.

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