The Shredded Schrader

March 27, 2010

I go down cackling

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It’s true; the laughter begins before I hit the ground and the smile doesn’t leave until long after that. My levity is not always shared by everyone in these cases, unfortunately. Such was the case when I stumbled up to the head of my department, dirty and bleeding. Some time in the sink, a trip to the first aid kit, and some scotch tape (freshly stolen from Yossi’s desk, thank you) later and I’m blogging about how truly awesome Bike Path Cyclo-Cross is.

My damage:
The back of my wrist was scraped up.
2.5 knuckles were bleeding.
2 cuts between my fingers were bleeding
My teeth hurt
A large chunk of my right palm was shredded and bleeding.
I tore my pants
My right knee is scuffed up.
General aches and pains
Subsequent problems with breathing.
A plenty of dirt lodged into my wounds.
The horrified looks of several witnesses.

Kallisti’s damage:
Chain fell off its rocker
The right hood (remember this is a road bike) is bent far inwards now
Negligible damage to the hull
Dirt, dirt, dirt.

I love this stuff. I hope I get into more crashes!

Hail Eris!

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