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February 18, 2010

We drive. They ride.

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Instead of saying I ride my bike I usually opt to say I drive my bike. This seems to throw people off and push them to “correct me.” No, no, no; The Motorist rides, we’re the ones who drive. Saying we “ride” marginalizes our efforts.

To drive is “to impart a forward motion to by physical force.” The Motorist doesn’t do that; their motors do. They simply sit there at most “directing” as they pollute, endanger cyclists, and disable themselves. Sounds a bit like “riding,” to me. Oh, the wreckful laziness of the motorist!

On the other hand, cyclists work to propel themselves. Not only are they directing, but they are physically providing the input energy responsible for propelling their vehicle forward.

And a reminder while I’m on my soap box; our ships are both technically and legally vehicles.


Bipedatarianism and Biketarianism

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Bipedatarianism: The exclusion of motor-vehicles as a means of transportation.

Biketarianism: A bipedatarian who uses bicycles as their primary means of transportation.

Between our legs is placed a power greater than their crowded roads.
Greater than a hundred motors magnified a thousand fold.
We will bring to birth a new world on the pavement of the old.
For the union makes us strong

September 26, 2009

UCTW Jargon, Lesson #1!

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Smogblow (v): To drive a motor vehicle.

Motor Scab (n): Someone who smogblows to a location, instead of taking an accessible, and more socially and environmentally responsible means of transportation. It should be kept in mind that this specifically applies to situations that arise for reasons other than  necessity.

The Speedy Parasite (n): Smogblowers that endanger cyclists, either through their driving practices or their opposition to cyclist rights.

Cyclie (n): A member of the UCTW (United Cyclists of The World). Plural is Cyclies

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