The Shredded Schrader

May 27, 2010

WO ∴ Awesome!

Filed under: Journalism,weather overground — Danimal @ 11:40 am

The storm died down just as we hit the road, but whatever; Weather Overground WILL NOT BE DEFEATED BY GOOD WEATHER!!! We had a fantastic time beguiling the unexpecting masses with partial nudity and the majesty of song (Electric Six high voltage smashups do it better at the gay-bar, gay-bar). We finished off the night with some bloody carnage and then disbanded.

May 26, 2010

Calling a Weather Overground ride

Filed under: weather overground — Danimal @ 10:16 pm

50 degrees? Lightning? High velocity winds? Rain?

Fuck. I’m stripping down to a tight pair of eHawk’s short-shorts and going for a ride.

See you on the road.

May 14, 2010

Calling a Weather Overground Ride

Filed under: rides,weather overground — Danimal @ 10:37 pm

A large body of water appears to be falling from the sky. Well shit, piss, and industrial waste! It’s time for a Weather Overground Ride. Anyone who wants in give me a call before I head out.


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