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February 18, 2010

Bipedatarianism and Biketarianism

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Bipedatarianism: The exclusion of motor-vehicles as a means of transportation.

Biketarianism: A bipedatarian who uses bicycles as their primary means of transportation.

Between our legs is placed a power greater than their crowded roads.
Greater than a hundred motors magnified a thousand fold.
We will bring to birth a new world on the pavement of the old.
For the union makes us strong

4 responses to “Bipedatarianism and Biketarianism”

  1. ehawk says:

    You do not hit on what to call people who rely on walking power alone… so the definition is a little… narrow for them. Also… folks who skateboard. I believe that there are folks for whom “bike” would be an inappropriate association EVEN THOUGH they do not use motor vehicles.

  2. Danimal says:

    “Fruitarian” is a subset of “Vegetarian” even though it precludes the consumption of certain vegetables. I do, however, feel this is suboptimal and agree with your objection. I will come up with an overarching word and then change the definition of “biketarian” to be a subset of that definition. I am for this spirit; it is the reason why I usually use “cyclist” instead of “bicyclist.” Generalization is good, alienation is bad.

    However, to some extent they are separate groups with separate issues. Some overlap, yes, and for those I definitely reach out, but some don’t. I would love the pedestrian to argue for bikelanes and I would love the cyclist to argue for enforcement of cross-walk laws. Hell, I’d even love for the motorist to join in on the fun. However, some preservation of identity is necessary. When I am vegan, I call myself vegan and not vegetarian even though both statements would be correct.

  3. Danimal says:

    hmm… words words words. Bipedatarian would encompass those who use their feet as a source of energy for transportation. That would encompass all the cases you gave.

  4. Danimal says:

    Also, thanks for the feedback! I updated my post.

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